Tech4 NetWatch

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on IT to be successful and profitable. The ability to connect to the people, tools, and information you need—anytime, anywhere, from any device—is crucial in today’s fast-moving business world. You can’t afford to wait until your network crashes to become aware of a problem. Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network is the affordable alternative to the costly and time-consuming reactive model (“break-fix”) of network support.

NetWatch is Tech4’s multi-platform Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solution that helps your business meet today’s challenges by ensuring that your network stays up and running and up-to-date.
NetWatch provides continuous monitoring of your network’s health and performance, detecting and resolving potential issues before they result in network downtime or data loss. We keep your network operating at maximum efficiency, thus keeping your employees productively engaged in pursuing your company’s business goals.

Delivering Reliable, Worry-Free Network Services

With the Tech4 NetWatch agent deployed, the health and performance of your network is continuously monitored. We are able to perform a multitude of preemptive network management tasks to keep your network running efficiently, without any interruption to your end users.


When problems do arise, we are alerted quickly and, in most cases, can resolve the issue before any network disruption occurs. NetWatch also integrates with Tech4’s DataVault secure backup solution and most anti-virus solutions, enabling us to manage those critical services.


Benefits of Proactive Monitoring & Management

• Detects and solves issues before they impact your network

• Provides detailed reports of network health & performance

• Improves network efficiency and uptime

• Keeps equipment up to date with latest firmware & software updates

• Reduces overall IT costs

With Tech4’s NetWatch, you can focus on building your business while we focus on keeping your network running at optimum efficiency.

Complete Security and Peace of Mind

Your vital business communications and customer information reside on your network, so you need to be sure that your data is safe and secure. Tech4 NetWatch collects and utilizes statistics specifically related to network operation, but does not view or collect any business data. You can have peace of mind in knowing that while we monitor and manage your network, your key business information and communications will always stay highly secure.