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Technology provides many powerful and necessary tools for today’s business, but IT is often a source of frustration to small business owners. It is a real challenge to know which technology solutions will provide the best performance for your small business needs and keep your network in optimal working condition, all while not breaking a small business budget. A reliable partner like Tech4 can give you peace of mind about your company’s IT support, simplifying your life AND saving you money.

“Among current users of managed services, 46% of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services, including 13% that have slashed annual IT expenditures by 50% or more on the IT functions they have given over to an MSP.”

CompTIA, Trends in Managed Services study


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Enterprise-Level Monitoring & Management for Small Business Networks


Benefits of Proactive Monitoring & Management

  • Improved Network Performance
  • Improved Network Reliability
  • Quicker Service Response
  • Lowered Overall IT Costs


You can’t afford to wait until your network crashes to become aware of a problem. Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your business’ network is the affordable alternative to the costly and time-consuming reactive model (“break-fix”) of network support.

Tech4 NetWatch, powered by the powerful LabTech platform, provides 24/7 monitoring and management of your network’s health and performance. NetWatch enables Tech4 to remotely perform regular maintenance services to keep your network in optimal condition. When problems do arise, as you know they will, we are able to detect and resolve those issues before they result in costly network downtime or data loss. We provide full support for your network – for a fraction of the cost of in-house IT personnel.

How NetWatch Protects and Enhances Your Network

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    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Streamlined IT Asset Management
    • Simplified Software Deployment
    • Network Health & Performance Reports
    • Help Desk Support

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    You need efficient and reliable tools to operate your small business. On the IT side of things, that means dependable email and phone service with the right features for your business, collaboration tools that allow your team to work together more easily, and a variety of applications that enable you to do what you do best. Whether have your own network infrastructure or operate from the cloud, or are somewhere in between, Tech4 offers the best business solutions in the industry.

    Featured Business Services:

    Tech4 DataVault

    Tech4_DataVault_LogoTech4 DataVault is our business-class online data backup and recovery service that safeguards critical data at a secure offsite location. Using the highest levels of compression and encryption available, Tech4 DataVault enables you to automatically protect your valuable digital information and restore it to any device at anytime and from any location. By choosing Tech4 DataVault, you will benefit from the best automated backup technology available, military-grade security, 24/7 access to your data and world-class customer support.

    How Does It Work?

      • Our agent-less software is installed onto one computer or server.
      • You establish the automated backup schedule.
      • The data is compressed and encrypted.
      • The data is transferred offsite to multiple secure data centers.
      • The data is also stored on a local hard disk.
      • The data is stored on hard drive disk arrays for rapid online recovery.
      • A report is generated after every backup is performed.
      • The data can be restored at any time from any computer.

    Compare Tech4 DataVault to Leading Online Backup Providers:


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    Office in the Cloud

    Office in the Cloud enables you to communicate, collaborate, manage content and deploy enterprise-grade application infrastructure on par with any big business. Each service is protected by enterprise-grade security and designed for mobility. And they’re all fully integrated to make use and administration more efficient. Utilizing the cloud for your essential business services will save you time and money, alleviating the need to purchase servers, license software, or spend weeks building or upgrading your network infrastructure.



    • Increase employee productivity with mobile-ready, business-grade email, calendars and contacts
    • Choose between Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013, both for a low monthly fee
    • 99.999% uptime SLA and simplified account administration



    • A complete business communications system and service with over 40 Fortune500-style calling features
    • Uses your company’s existing data connection and wiring, with no onsite PBX hardware required
    • Features include: Automated attendant, hunt groups, conference calling, “Follow Me” Forwarding, and voicemail-to-email



    • An enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure that delivers ideal performance, availability and data protection for SMBs
    • With a 99.999% SLA, and firewall and VPN included standard, Cloud Server provides all the elements a small business needs in a server
    • Ensures your business applications achieve their fullest potential—because it’s designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs



    • File syncing and sharing service that enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while keeping company data secure and protected
    • Keeps files and folders in sync across every device—and makes it simple to share those files inside and outside of the company
    • Comprehensive security features, permissions-based sharing and 99.999% SLA mean there’s no sacrifice in security, control, or reliability



    • Microsoft Lync 2013 Secure Instant Messaging gives you secure, business-grade instant messaging, presence and more in one solution
    • Allows streamlined intra-office communications with greater flexibility and control
    • Manage instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, meetings and shared whiteboard sessions right from your PC



    • Create document storehouses that increase collaboration inside your company, with your partners, vendors and customers
    • Securely share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time exchanging inefficient emails
    • When integrated with hosted Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint 2013 can provide an instant, powerful corporate intranet


    Business Benefits of Cloud Services

    • Avoid capital expenditures. No hardware to buy, no software to license.
    • Make your costs more predictable. Consolidate your expenses into simple, monthly per-user fees.
    • Lower your power and Internet bills. Use less bandwidth and reduce your electric bills.
    • Add users and services on the fly. Our HostPilot Control panel makes is simple to scale your business services at any time.
    • Extend Fortune500-style tools. Empower your people with the world’s best business software.
    • Make your company more mobile. Use and manage your cloud on any device.
    • Synchronize data across different devices. Your email, calendars, contacts and more automatically sync to provide greater productivity on multiple devices.
    • Rest easy with free 24/7 support. Contact us any time by phone or by email.

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    Internet Content Security and Threat Management


    Proven Protection Against:

    • Viruses
    • Spyware
    • Hackers
    • Zero-Day Threats
    • Malicious Websites
    • Inappropriate Websites
    • Spam


    Tech4 is a proud partner of Trend Micro, an industry leader in Internet content security and threat management. Depending on the needs of your business, we offer Trend Micro‘s Worry-Free Business Services (cloud-based) and Worry-Free Business Standard & Advanced (locally-based software). We offer annual licences as well as affordable monthly payment plans.

    Choose the right edition for your business. If you… wf-standard9Standard wf-advanced9Advanced worry-free-business-security-services-boxshotServices
    Have little to no in-house IT staff blue_checkmark blue_checkmark blue_checkmark
    Have server(s) blue_checkmark blue_checkmark blue_checkmark
    Have a Microsoft Exchange server blue_checkmark
    Need to block spam or prevent the loss of data sent out via email blue_checkmark
    Don’t have a server or prefer a sever maintenance-free solution blue_checkmark
    Want to manage security/push policy to remote employees/branch offices blue_checkmark
    Want to have antivirus on Android devices blue_checkmark
    Want to have simple mobile device management for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync users blue_checkmark

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    One Provider for All of Your IT Needs:

    Our relationship with manufacturers such as Dell and Cisco, and with channel distribution partners such as Ingram Micro, Synnex, and TechData, allows Tech4 tooffer over 500,000 IT-related products and services to meet all of your IT requirements at prices that fit your budget parameters.

    Brands Available from Tech4 Include:

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    • fujitsu
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    • lenovo-logo
    • imagesCABP41OM
    • HP_New_Logo_2D
    • cables_to_go_76756
    • 3D_Pana_TB_Logo_with_tag_on_white

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    Technology changes at a dizzying pace, and everyone is out to convince you that you need the “latest and greatest” model of this or that. At Tech4, we don’t start with what the manufacturers are trying to market, but with developing an understanding of what your business does, how it functions, and what technology will best support that. A dedicated team of Tech4’s technical and business support personnel will get to know your organization’s IT environment, enabling us to quickly provide you with solutions and products that will best fit your business’s current needs. In addition to examining and addressing your current technology needs, we will also help you develop a comprehensive strategy to make sure that your technological tools keep pace with the growth of your business.

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    Thank you for taking the time to learn about some of the solutions and services Tech4 can provide for your organization. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to further discuss how Tech4 can partner with you to achieve the highest return on investment with your IT purchases. To request a quote, click the button below.

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